Coaching Program

There are only 3 components you'll need to drive your business to optimum success in 2013:

  • A solid plan — clear, focused, detailed and pointing you in the right direction
  • Expert guidance to surpass your own specific goals, tailoring your plan to fit your business model, your own best methods and your personal style
  • Accountability and follow-through, to make your goals a reality. Because all the planning and strategizing in the world will only get you so far... until you actually use it!

The Business and Beyond Club is designed to help you move forward in all three of those areas — no question. Review the year-long curriculum outline described below for all the proof you need.

However, keep in mind that the most important requirement — accountability and follow-through — is largely up to you. We'll support you 1,000% to answer your questions, prompt your progress and show you the way forward. We'll even provide you with plenty of rock solid roadmaps, blueprints and checklists to keep you on track with every business-building activity you'll be completing along the way.

Fortunately, you'll enjoy two extra advantages "built in" to your Business and Beyond Club membership, in addition to the most powerful combination of business-building strategies and results-oriented social media marketing expertise on the market today.

  • Complementing the hard facts and business expertise, the Club's curriculum is infused with Mari's favorite personal and professional development principles and beliefs. They've formed a vital spiritual core that has profoundly impacted her life and business, and she's honored to share them with you, too.
  • Plus, you'll also be enrolled in a private, exclusive Facebook group of like-minded entrepreneurs and empire-builders, providing added real-world perspectives and round-the-clock peer support in an engaging social-media setting. These online groups have proven to be one of the most popular features of Mari's training programs, as the select group of participants adds a whole other dimension of global business savvy to your experience.

columnsEach quarter, we'll be focusing on the four Pillars of a solid, sustainable business that you'll master as you progress through the Club's coaching curriculum. Read more about these Pillars below, then further below, you'll see that within each of these four Pillars, we'll drill down to cover three specific areas: Productivity, Business Results and Social Media Success.



The fundamentals of a profitable business extend beyond the name on the door and the industry you're in. Before you can create the plan to get you where you want to go, it's important to take a snapshot of exactly where you are now... and what you and your team are doing to keep up with your market.

We'll start by taking a close look at how you spend your time, task and productivity audits, and a clear-eyed analysis of your personal and professional calendar to prepare a detailed, systematic approach to managing your business so everything gets done from one day to the next... and nothing significant ever falls through the cracks.

From there, you'll have a much better idea of the processes contributing to your personal, professional and financial success. So we'll look closely at the skills and tasks that are keeping your business running at peak effectiveness, and figure out which of those tasks you do best... and which tasks can and SHOULD be outsourced or delegated to a skilled expert, VA, personal assistant or team.

As part of your overall promotional strategy, we'll complete a tactical and strategic social media audit to make sure all your bases are covered. Then, we'll lay the groundwork for the building a massive platform using the right social channels for your niche and marketplace.


To develop your unstoppable business, now it's time to get clear on exactly what you're building. From overall vision to business model to promotional strategy, we'll chart your blueprints for a powerful 'corporate' and social media plan that leads you step-by-step to reaching your goals.

In a very short time, we'll work out the bugs and figure out 'the wrench in the works' that's got you stuck. And we'll iron out the wrinkles in a smooth-running system to support your blueprinted business models. Because it's these real-world tweaks and customization that will take your plans off the paper and create sustainable habits that pull you forward on autopilot.

Plus, once we've figured out the operations you need to accomplish on a regular basis, we'll help you pinpoint potential resources to hire more help to get them done... and build creative campaigns for generating more cash-flow to pay for it all! (In fact, it's highly likely that every single member of the Club will be recouping your monthly investment in the Business and Beyond Club within the first two months).


With a well-thought-out foundation in place and a fully-functional system in place for keeping your calendar solid and predicatable, and your happy customers coming back for more, the next part is simple. Now it's time to step things up a notch or three, and take your business to the next level of earnings, profitability and rewards.

Don't be fooled, it's rarely just a case of 'running faster' at this stage. Because when you reach this point, balancing every part of your business and personal life becomes even more important for rewarding, sustainable growth and the lifestyle you intend to create. This is often where many entrepreneurs stray from the path. They get overwhelmed, stuck being the "technician" working IN their business instead of ON their business. And/or, some entrepreneurs literally get addicted to the build phase and just love the adrenaline rush of the "bright shiny object" syndrome and want to keep innovating. Instead of finding what works and iterating, over and over and over again. Predictable success is the name of the game. Not laying awake at night freaking out about where the next flood of cash is going to from.

So we'll want to check in to make sure your business, finances and social-media reach are all expanding at a rate you're satisfied with... and we'll continue to refine the systems we've envisioned together to work at a high level, while giving you more flexibility and freedom to plan for the next stage...


By the fourth quarter of 2013, your business should be humming along with the satisfying, consistent profitability you envisioned. We'll do a complete audit of all areas; you'll know what's working well that you want to do more of. Because now you'll have a whole new kind of decision to make...

Are you creating a lifestyle business... or "building to sell"? If this is the beginning of your business empire, what has to happen to really leverage and scale your business out to more and bigger locations?

Or, if that's not what you have in mind, we'll look at how you can implement more systems in your life and business to allow you the luxury of adding a nice long break (or two or three!) without sacrificing your incoming cashflow!

The best part is, the entire Business and Beyond Club curriculum is designed to "meet you where you are" in your business today … and still help you move forward in three important areas:

  • Personal and professional productivity
  • Business results
  • Social Media success

Here's how it works…

During each session, we'll drill down on the day's theme and analyze how you can apply it to fit your specific business operations, including:


We'll delve into topics such as time management, business systems, habits and personal space, work/office environment, and how to utilize your planning calendar for a REAL grasp of your business needs and priorities, current status and future directions


Investigating your vision and goals, assembling the best mix of products and services to offer your market, and co-coordinating your branding, messaging and promotional campaigns — with milestones you can track and measure. In addition, you'll learn to optimize your talents by putting together a support team that maximizes your valuable time, opportunities and results


Beginning with a complete audit of your online profiles and their current ROI, we'll develop your overall social media strategy to create desired business results. We'll also refine your content strategy, conversion and social media management systems, using effective tools and apps to keep you and your audience engaged… not overwhelmed!

So, to drill down even deeper and explain the curriculum further, within each of the four Pillars of FOUNDATION, BUILD, GROW and SCALE, we'll be working on each of these three areas: Productivity, Business Results and Social Media Success:

cal-clock1. Productivity

a. Time management — where your time goes each day, how to optimize each hour, how to chunk your tasks, what to delegate and to whom. Most busy professionals these days use a digital calendar system; however, without this one critical component Mari discovered a year ago, you'll never quite get a handle on getting the absolute best out of your time in all areas of life.

b. Systems — for both personal and work life. The true definition of a system is that you could hand off the checklist to someone who has no clue how to do what you're asking them to do and they could follow the system step-by-step and get the same result. To what degree are you systematizing your success? Mari will share her own daily checklists with you!

c. Habits — everything you do each and every day has a compound effect. Are you choosing supportive habits? Even the tiniest shift can make a quantum leap in the most unexpected areas. Mari will be sharing two daily habits she's implemented for the last 60 days that have radically changed her entire life, business and finances.

d. Environment — this is your personal and work space. Some of us are simply blessed with an aptitude for being neat, orderly and organized. However, there are unique ways for each personality type to adapt (and get help) so you can always be functioning from your strengths (vs. trying to improve a weakness).

cash2. Business Results

a. Objectives — what EXACTLY do you want to achieve? Do you have the right components in place to manifest your vision? Are you crystal clear on your products and services? Is it obvious to your prospects precisely what they can buy from you and how they can give you money? Are you charging the right fees? What are the right fees for your industry? You'll discover your own unique answers to these questions and more in the Club.

b. Revenue streams — Mari loves to ask her students and clients, "If I were to buy everything you offer, how much would it cost me and what would I get for my money?" The answer to that question is a critical clue as to how you've set yourself up for success, whether your goals are realistic or not, and whether you're on track to meet those objectives.

c. Active vs. passive income — do you only make money when you show up? Could you take a month away from your business to travel to an exotic part of the world and your business would be just as profitable when you returned? Or, do you have proven methods in place to make what Mari loves to call $WISS money — that is Money ($$) While I Sleep Soundly. Otherwise known as passive income.

d. Building a brand vs. a business — what's the difference? And which one is right for you?

e. Track and measure — it has been said that you can't improve what you don't measure. You'll learn how to clearly monitor and manage your cashflow, plan for solid, predictable success, and increase your profit centers exponentially. PLUS, of course in today's online and social media savvy world, it's vital that you also track and measure the RIGHT performance metrics on all your social channels. So you got 40 new likes and 15 extra retweets today; how exactly to you translate that to more money in your bank? Mari will show you how, clearly and specifically.

phone3. Social Media Success

a. Audit — everyone will have some semblance of presence online already. However, we'll start with a thorough assessment of what you have in place, what needs improving, what needs taken down completely, what needs amalgamating, and what still needs to be built out.

b. Strategy — once your sales, marketing and business objectives are clear, social media success all starts with a proper strategy. In fact, several strategies. For each social channel on which you choose to be active, you'll need to have a strategic approach to your Design, Content, Promotion, Engagement, Conversion, Tracking and Scalability plans.

c. Content — are you tying each and every piece of content you share online to an overarching bigger picture? Do your Facebook posts, tweets and more create the right results for your business and brand? If not, it's time to shift that! The proper approach to content marketing will be a recurring component of the Business and Beyond Club.

d. Conversion — this is where we say, "Show me the money!" All the social activity in the world is fine and dandy. But, if it's not ultimately leading to more money in your bank account, what's the point? Mari has a unique approach to blending her 13-year background as an online marketing expert with her 5+ year in-depth experience as one of the top social media and Facebook marketers in the world. Guaranteed, your social media marketing efforts will begin to pay off like never before when you start applying Mari's teachings you'll learn in the Club.

e. Social media management systems — are you laboring over a daily process that could be delegating and systematized? Are you properly tracking your reputation? Are you consistently being proactive and innovative because you've thoroughly mapped out and planned for your success through social channels?

f. Apps and tools — what desktop and mobile platforms are you using to increase efficacy with your social media efforts? "There's an app for that!" Yes, there is. You could be wasting large chunks of time on a daily basis because you simply don't know what you don't know in terms of what apps, tools, shortcuts, resources and systems are available to make your daily life so much easier!

As you can see, we've got a busy coaching year planned for you already! The Business and Beyond Club consists of a structured, 24-lesson curriculum delivered twice a month with live group coaching sessions in-between along with quarterly Power Masterclasses.


Live 1.5-day Event in San Diego, April 2013

Business & Beyond Club members get to join Mari in San Diego for a LIVE 1.5 day Social Media Immersion event on April 5th & 6th, 2013. The Immersion is an exclusive event where you'll get to refine your social media strategic plan, hone your 2013 online marketing progress and action plan, discover what trends to focus on, get a chance to be in the Hotseat and much more. Plus, of course, you get to meet Mari live and in person along with your fellow Business & Beyond Club members! There's nothing like meeting people face-to-face to deepen and build personal and business connections.

CLUB FORMAT — what to expect each month

To make it easy for you to stay focused on your success, here's what each month will look like:

self-study, content-rich lesson; take massive action; implement this week's lesson; work with your accountability partners; share and get support (and get access to Mari) in the peer-support Facebook group

self-study, content-rich lesson; take massive action; implement this week's lesson; work with your accountability partners; share and get support (and get access to Mari) in the peer-support Facebook group

meet with Mari for a LIVE session via webinar format, Q&A, group coaching, hotseats, critiques, up-to-the-minute news and the latest business-building and social media marketing strategies. Each live group coaching session will last for 90 minutes, sometimes longer if needed. Mari is renowned for being generous with her time and knowledge and is committed that you get what you need to make massive changes in your business over time and truly get the results you want to see.

self-assessment exam on this month's two lessons to help with knowledge retention and implementation; work with your accountability partners; share results, wins, victories, challenges, questions and requests for support in the active Facebook group.

This 4-week format is repeated throughout the entire 12-month curriculum. On months with five weeks, we'll have an opportunity to circle back and rediscover nuggets from the previous lessons as well as continuing the support and accountability in the Facebook group.

Then, each quarter, we'll meet for a more extended POWER MASTERCLASS. In these sessions, accessed via live webinar format with Mari, you'll have an opportunity to drill even deeper on critical issues, more time for hotseats, spot coaching, critiques, Q&A and literally "ask Mari anything, no holds barred." Each session will last 2-3 hours. We'll always record just in case you're unable to make the live dates or need to leave early. Of course, you're encouraged to do whatever it takes to show up for all the live components of the Club.

PLUS — you can expect to meet several special guest experts throughout the one-year curriculum. These are Mari's own mentors and teachers, who will generously share their knowledge and expertise with you for making big shifts in your business and personal lives.

Remember, you're supported through each training session in the 12-month Business and Beyond Club curriculum with downloadable blueprints, checklists and worksheets you'll want to print out and follow along. You'll complete each of the 24 lesson topics as completely and effectively as possible, and see your goals take shape on paper… right before your eyes!

Let's get you started today! Join the Club now and get ready to apply powerful business principles that change EVERYTHING.

RECORDINGS — in case you can't make all the dates!

All sessions will be recorded; you'll be able to access the two lessons per month and the replay of the Q&A/group coaching webinars and the quarterly Power Masterclasses at any time in your members' area.

START — when does the Business and Beyond Club start?

I'm a *huge* believer that "the moment one commits, providence moves too." In other words, the moment you sign up to become a member of the Club, you're setting the intention for a whole new course in your life and business. Don't be surprised if you suddenly start to notice a shift!


November 2012 — throughout this "pre" month, you'll be assigned very specific homework to complete. This is to prepare you for the absolute optimal experience in the Club. Plus, you'll receive an invitation to join the private Facebook group where you'll begin to connect with your fellow members and start the networking and learning. Plus, you'll be matched with your accountability partners.

Thursday, December 13th at 12:00 noon PST / 3:00pm EST — we'll kick off December with a special Member Orientation Call.

Week of January 1st — Your lessons will start in January - this will be self-study, but with your accountability partners to walk the path with you!

Week of January 7th — complete lesson #2

Week of January 14th — complete lesson #3

Wednesday, January 23rd at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST — LIVE group coaching session with Mari. You and your fellow members will meet with Mari for a LIVE session via webinar format, Q&A, group coaching, hotseats, critiques, up-to-the-minute news and the latest business-building and social media marketing strategies. Each live group coaching session will last for 90 minutes, sometimes longer if needed. Mari is renowned for being generous with her time and knowledge and is committed that you get what you need to make massive changes in your business over time and truly get the results you want to see.

Week of January 28th — complete assessments

Week of February 4th — complete lesson #4

Week of February 11th — complete lesson #5

Wednesday, February 20th at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST — LIVE group coaching session with Mari.

Week of February 25th — complete assessments

We will continue to structure each month for the rest of 2013 in the same format as described above.

LIVE QUARTERLY Power Masterclasses

These are delivered via live online webinar format with Mari and will occur mid-quarter throughout 2013. So, February, May, August, and November.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST

For each Quarterly Power Masterclass, allow two hours or more.

Got questions?

Please review the FAQ section. If you still need help, email us at and/or see the other ways to reach our team here.

Let's get started on your path to mega success today! Join the Club now and get ready to apply powerful business principles that change EVERYTHING.

Join the Business & Beyond Club today and you'll also get to join Mari for a FREE 1.5 day LIVE event: Social Media Immersion, San Diego, CA on April 5-6, 2013.

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Mari's knowledge in the social media arena is second to none. She mixes her teachings will real life valuable business strategy -- that is the true asset I have gained from my experience with Mari. I signed up for her new Business & Beyond Club coaching program and can not wait to get started. Mari Smith is the real deal!!"

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